When consumers don't engage, companies don't compete. When companies don't compete, they offer consumers less choice – or a poor choice, made harder by misleading information. With less choice comes less engagement and less competition. We're here to break that cycle – to inform and involve consumers, to improve things on their behalf, and to influence policymakers and companies – so consumers become as powerful as the organisations they deal with.

Independent insight is our magic ingredient. We run thousands of tests, mystery shops and surveys every year. We know more than anyone else about how products and services perform, how markets work, what consumers need and what deserves a shake up. That's why members pay for Which? and why policymakers and companies listen to us.

We use our insight to make consumers powerful in lots of different ways – and we're most effective when we bring those approaches together. We're best known for informing our members through magazines and websites. Our members can read reviews, get our advice, see every bit of data we've collected on products and services, and use it to make confident choices for themselves.

We help politicians, regulators and companies understand what matters to consumers. Our work has led to countless positive changes in laws, regulation, policy and product design. As well as highlighting things that need improving, we offer accolades like our Which? Awards or Best Buys, which act as an incentive for everyone to offer something better.

As well as helping consumers individually, we help them act collectively – to raise an issue that matters to them, or even to negotiate better deals. Together, they've got more clout than if they acted alone – and more chance of getting heard.

As well as informing consumers, and influencing policymakers and companies, there's often a direct role for Which? – launching a product or a service of our own. Our involvement doesn't just give consumers something they didn't get before – it can also change markets for the better.

We have real people's interests at heart. We look at the world through their eyes and talk about the things that matter to them.

We don't own the right to anyone's attention. But if we're enjoyable to spend time with, we can earn it.

We're smart, we're well informed
and we think things through.

We're not afraid to address the uncomfortable
and call out the indefensible.

Our mission's a long-term goal we're working towards over years. Making consumers' lives better is something all of us can do every day.